Google Chrome Canary

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Try the future upgrades of Google Chrome, in its test version.

With Google Chrome Canary, the designers of the Google browser, Chrome, allow you to discover firsthand what's hidden for future updates of this popular browser. After all, Google Chrome Canary is the same version they used to research and develop the new features to be implemented in the future ... or not.

Want to try it too? With Google Chrome Canary it's simple because, unlike the version of Google Chrome Beta, which can't be installed alongside the stable version of this browser, with Google Chrome Canary you'll not need to uninstall this first, and there can be the two browsers running at once.

So if you're interested in the latest news of Chrome, then download and try this free Google Chrome Canary Build. You can see for yourself, among other things, the execution speed of the new Chrome, dynamically loading pages, or search from the taskbar, among many other new things.


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